【Official】Ayameya Ryokan

Hospitality with hot water, taste and taste Shiman Shima Onsen Ayameya Ryokan

Shima Onsen, a hot spring town, this inn is a quiet and well-viewed inn, and our inn is a homely inn.
We value the encounter with our customers and strive to provide sincere hospitality.

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Taking advantage of the blessings of nature"Semi-kaiseki cuisine"

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Show various expressions in each season"Rich nature"

  • Oketsu(Oketsu)

    A cylindrical hole made at the bottom of the Shima River
    Sand and pebbles can erode the bedrock due to the flow of the river.
    There are 6 main ones, including those with a diameter of about 3m and a depth of 1.5m.
    In some cases, one of the walls has been shaved to form a small waterfall.
  • Maya Falls

    It is a legendary waterfall where a beautiful young Maya Hime named Maya and a splendid young man met under the guidance of Mr. Fudo.
    There is also a head, and its pure beauty attracts visitors.
  • Ogura Waterfall

    A series of white streams that slide down and the sound of cool water.
    It is one of the beautiful waterfalls that represent Chujo-cho, just like a scenic spot.
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Hotel Name

Ayameya Ryokan


4238-45 Shima, Nakanojo Town, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture

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JR Nakanojo Station Kirinokidaira get off at 1 minute Kirinokidaira bus 50 minutes Kirinokidaira than Nakanojo Station
1 hour from Shibukawa IC Kan-Etsu Expressway
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