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About cooking

【Hours Available】
<Dinner>18:00*We look forward to hearing from you if you arrive after 17:00.
Room meal/Private room/Meal in Dining Hall(Change depending on conditions such as plan)

Enjoy exquisite dishes that make the most of the blessings of nature

A variety of flavors that incorporate fresh seasonal ingredients, using the blessings of 40,000 nature, mountain products, and river products abundantly.
The gorgeous set that is presented with a rich scent every season is the color of your trip.
Ayameya Ryokan, the chef will serve all handmade dishes that have taken time and effort.
Using seasonal local ingredients, 9 to 10 dishes are lined up in a type called "half kaiseki cuisine".
We offer warm foods to be warm and cold foods to be cold.
Please enjoy to your heart's content.
  • An example of dinner

    All the chef's handmade dishes that are colorful and fragrant, using seasonal ingredients with plenty of mountain and river products.
    *Menu contents and number of items may change depending on the season and purchasing situation.
  • Breakfast example

    We offer a stomach-friendly breakfast such as porridge and hot spring eggs.
    *Menu contents and number of items may change depending on the season and purchasing situation.
  • All handmade semi-kaiseki dishes

    The passionate chef makes the best use of fresh seasonal ingredients to serve all handmade semi-kaiseki dishes.
    Thankfully, many customers say, "Everything was delicious."
    Now that frozen foods and preserved foods are on the market, please enjoy the deliciousness of handmade foods that make the best use of the ingredients.

Tasty local sake"cold sake"

  • Shima Onsen leisurely adult holiday at Shiman Onsen

    Local cold sake, Ayameya Ryokan original cold sake, etc.
    We have various types.
  • Osakazuki(Kurabuchi Village / Mt Haruna Groundwater)

    Since this sake is never burned, it has a slightly sweet taste and a high aroma at first.
    From the second mouth, it is dry and has a strong taste.
  • 40,000 hot spring liquor

    Sake using the hot water of Shiman Onsen where you can drink Shima Onsen
  • Ayameya Ryokan Original Cold Sake

    How about to commemorate your trip?