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40,000 highlights

Shima Onsen is a quiet hot spring area surrounded by magnificent nature.
You can enjoy various natures in each season, and the untouched nature remains as it is.
Shima Onsen, so you can enjoy a walk.
Also, as the name suggests, the clear Clear Waters Shima River, which we are proud of, is clear and clear.
You can enjoy playing in the water where there is a sign that says "You can play in the river".
  • Oketsu(Oketsu)

    A cylindrical hole made at the bottom of the Shima River
    Sand and pebbles can erode the bedrock due to the flow of the river.
    There are 6 main ones, including those with a diameter of about 3m and a depth of 1.5m.
    In some cases, one of the walls has been shaved to form a small waterfall.
  • Maya Falls

    It is a legendary waterfall where a beautiful young Maya Hime named Maya and a splendid young man met under the guidance of Mr. Fudo.
    There is also a head, and its pure beauty attracts visitors.
  • Ogura Waterfall

    A series of white streams that slide down and the sound of cool water.
    It is one of the beautiful waterfalls that represent Chujo-cho, just like a scenic spot.
  • Shakunage Falls

    This waterfall is located a little further along the road from the entrance to Mt Inatsutsumi near the Okushimako Surrounding Road
    As the name suggests, you can see the waterfall while being surrounded by Shakunage
  • Koizumi Waterfall

    It is a waterfall on the Fusen Gorge Hinatami River, and this area is called Kaedesenkyo.
    Takimi Garden is equipped, and the waterfall that shines in the autumn leaves that you can see below is a superb view.
  • Lake Okushima(Shima Dam)

    Shimagawa Dam of Shima Onsen.
    The lakeside, which is 4km around, shows various expressions depending on the season.
    Many tourists visit during the fresh green and autumn colors
    It is a new attraction of Shiman Shima Onsen
  • Hinatami Yakushido

    People who come to the hot springs to cure their illness are Yumae Yakushi", and there have been many worshipers since ancient times.
    Due to the revision of the law in 1950, it became Nationally Designated Important Cultural Properties
  • Sekizenkan Main Building

    It is designated as Prefectural Important Cultural Property of the prefecture as one of the few hot spring inn buildings.
    The Registered Cultural Property System, before the Sekizenkan new, the building of the corridor bridge that connects the mountain cottage and main building and Mukaishin is specified in the Registered Cultural Property
  • Yuzuri is a drinking fountain

    Shima Onsen octagonal building in front of the villa is a drinking fountain in the Shiman Onsen / Hinatami District and the Yuzurihaso
    There is a hot spring for drinking in the center, and a footbath surrounds it.
  • Shionoyu Insenjo (a place of drinking hot spring water)

    Shima Onsen the middle of Shima Onsen Hot Springs Association, on the opposite side of the Shima Post Office the middle of the Kirinokidaira Kirinokidaira Shopping Street, which starts from the Shima Onsen Association.
    There are hot springs in two places above and below the gourd-shaped Tsukubai.
  • Yamaguchi Kawane-no-Ashiyu(footbath)

    An open footbath Shima River flowing in front of you.
  • Gomuso-no-yu

    The spirit who stood on the dream pillow oracleed, "Let's give a spirit spring that cures 40,000 illnesses."
    It is said that when I woke up, a hot spring was springing up at my bedside.
    The baths are divided into men and women, and there is a bathtub with hollowed out stones.
  • Shima-seiryu no Yu

    We are proud of the abundant fresh springs and the clear stream that you can see from the open-air bath.
    You can ask for delivery from the front desk in this facility Shima Onsen
    You can also relax with a meal.
  • Inatsutsumi Seseragi Park

    It is a Shinsui Park Okushimako Surrounding Road.
    Lake Okushima the area of the hiking course around Lake Okushima, it is a park where you can interact with nature.